culinary academy

  • 与foundation with Fullerton High School culinary and hospitality academy provides students with
    needed for challenging careers in the field of hospitality.

    The culinary and hospitality academy offers a four-year sequence of courses that provides training in The basic
    t热处理工艺 of professional food preparation and service. The industry driven curriculum includes but is not limited to: sanitation and safety, use of equipment, menu planning, quantity food production, 活动planning, 餐饮, recipe costing, and customer service.

culinary essentials i

  • (第一年)

    • sanitation and safety
    • 营养
    • introduction to baking
    • basic cooking
    • 热处理工艺
    • meal planning
    • knife skills

culinary essentials ii

  • (第二年)

    • sanitation and safety
    • world”
    • knife skills
    • time management
    • recipe execution

restaurant i

  • prostart year 1

    nat“l restaurant assoc. 批准

    (year three)

    • history of world”
    • food and kitchen safety
    • industry careers
    • stocks、sauces and soups
    • Fruit, Vegetable, and Grain Cookery
    • hospitality pathway

restaurant ii

  • prostart year 2

    nat“l restaurant assoc. 批准

    (year four)

    • foundation of restaurant management
    • recipe costing
    • Operation of an on-going Campus Catering Program and Bakery
    • advanced cooking t热处理工艺
    • 营养


    • guest speakers
    • 餐饮 and活动planning
    • Students learn to work as a team
    • Students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Prepare students for smooth school to career transitions
    • Community service hours to meet Prostart criteria


  • chef mario schwarz - cole

    culinary essentials ii and Prostart Instructor
    mschwarzcole @

    islah shinault

    culinary essentials i instructor
    ishinault @