• Year 1: Intro Agriculture Mechanics (Welding)

    Agriculture Mechanics (Intro to Welding) is an academically challenging course that integrates mathematics, 科学, 写作, 和力学. Specific units include: Using the Ag Mechanics Shop, 测量, 项目计划, Electricity and Electronics, Plumbing Systems and Water Use, 电弧焊, 动力力学, 和职业. 学生 will focus on understanding the theory of the preceding areas, as well as mastery of the application of these theories. 学生 will exceed core academic knowledge and demonstrate critical thinking skills as they apply their knowledge to projects, real-life scenarios, 和案例研究. Units covered in this course will build upon existing knowledge where applicable. At the end of this course, students will earn an ICEV Ag Mechanics Certification and Articulation credit with Mt. Sac Community College.



    Agriculture Welding is an intermediate course that focuses heavily on learning the art, 科学, and techniques of welding. As it is a second-year course to the Agriculture Mechanics pathway, it will allow the students to try out each of the different methods of welding and perfect their skills in each of the disciplines. Specific units include Shop Safety, Understanding Design, and Fabrication Processes Using Shielded Metal 电弧焊, 气体保护金属极 Welding, Oxygen/Acetylene Torch and Welding, 和钨极惰性气体保护电弧焊.  At the end of this course, students will earn an OSHA Certification and Articulation credits with Fullerton Community College


    三年级 & 4: Metal Fabrication

    Agriculture Metal Fabrication will introduce students to art sculpture with an emphasis on fabricated and welded steel designs from a social, 历史, and contemporary perspective. 学生 will have completed introductory and concentration courses in welding processes including Shielded Metal Arc, 钨电极惰性气体保护, 气体保护金属极, 通量核心弧, 规格的, Oxygen-Fuel Cutting, 等离子弧切割, and CNC Plasma design. This class will focus on welding and metal fabrication as a fine art medium. The course will consist of guided exercises, 工作室的项目, collaborative learning, 小组讨论, and the use of critique to expand knowledge of art techniques, 媒介, 艺术家, 艺术运动, 历史时期, and career paths within the creative field of the arts. The course also prepares students for college and career choices and a self-promotion project that includes a resume, 工作面试, 和投资组合. This course requires mastery of all design principles, technical mastery of the welding process, equipment and tool use, and digital platforms.  At the end of this course, students will earn their fine arts credit (f) and work with industry professionals in welding and metal fabrication


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